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For: Colden Corporation

We redesigned the website for this occupational safety and industrial hygiene consulting firm and, at the same time, reprogrammed and expanded upon their intranet. With offices in Philadelphia, Syracuse, and Albany – and with consultants at work in the field around the world – Colden needed a web-based system by which they could track proposals and projects, manage the location and recalibration of expensive scientific field equipment, and share internal documents.

We designed and built a web-based intranet using Ruby on Rails. Complex business rules and scheduled reminders ensure a smooth flow of work:

  • A new proposal can be turned into a job upon award, generating an email to the appropriate staff member(s) with reminders about insurance certificates needing to be filed;
  • The system sends a reminder email to staff each night with reminders on equipment currently in need of calibration;
  • Designated project managers receive an email each month with reminders to update status on open proposals.