Formed in 2000, Bentley Hoke is a web consultancy located in Syracuse, New York, USA. We distinguish ourselves from similar agencies in three ways: a commitment to service and professionalism; a keen awareness of the unique needs of each project; and a results-oriented, forward-looking approach to the creation of websites, internet-based applications, and email campaigns.

Service & Professionalism

As former consumers of technology consulting, we were struck by how little professional service we received: we might have received a great website, but the process was excruciating. Phone calls weren’t returned, deadlines were missed, budgets were exceeded.

We resolved that our firm would excel in this area. We’re committed to clear communication, timely work, and transparency in quoting and billing. Nothing complicated here: we treat clients as we expect to be treated.

Taking on new work implies an obligation on our part: being there to meet our client’s current and future needs when called upon to do so. From maintaining an encrypted database of every client password to ramping up our staffing to ensure prompt service to not taking on more work than we can do well, we use service and professionalism as the guide for running – and growing – our business.

The Unique Needs of Each Project

We don’t sell websites, we sell consulting; as such, we’re keenly aware that our clients’ needs – and thus our role – will be vastly different for different projects. We may spend several hundred hours coordinating the work of several agencies and an army of internal staff on a large university website redesign project. For an advertising agency we may crank out web code under the direction of the agency’s creative staff, never meeting the end client. An existing client, a law firm, may ask that we spend just an hour mentoring an internal staff team working on a redesign on the firm’s intranet. We’re happy to supply just those services you need.

Results-Oriented, Forward-Thinking

Cool design, slick copywriting, and bells-and-whistles programming make for a great website, right? Wrong—if the site doesn’t further some specific business or organizational goals. We are sticklers (sometimes more so than our clients) for grounding a website redesign, email campaign, or other project on clear, measurable, and realistic goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand both the why and the how—and to be able to communicate clearly to our clients how each affects the other.

With our commitment to standards-based web development, our deliverables are more likely to work with tomorrow’s platforms and browsers. More importantly, websites designed to be standards compliant and friendly to those using assistive technology are easier and cheaper to maintain, update, and repurpose in the future.