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We’re proud of our work for the Korean War Legacy Project over the past few years. The WordPress website we built (and continue to improve) allows social studies teachers – fellows from across the United States who are selected as members of the project – to annotate video oral histories from thousands of veterans of the Korean War. These trained educators curate and tag relevant clips from the video interviews, research biographies, upload photos, and more. We built sophisticated search tools that give visitors to the site – students, teachers, historians, and others – useful access to this wealth of primary-source materials.

In addition to the oral histories, the site includes a series of chapters  – ranging from political to military to social – on the war, each of which is annotated with video clips from veterans who were there.

Visitors to the site can also watch the documentary film produced by the Korean War Legacy Foundation. Check out the provided middle- and high-school study guides, photos from the Los Angeles film premier, and IMDB listing of the film!

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