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For: Syracuse’s Near Westside Initiative

The SALT District is a project of the Near Westside Initiative, Inc. aimed at creating a new epicenter of artistic and cultural development in the Syracuse and Central Upstate New York area. We designed and developed a WordPress site to showcase the exciting developments in this multi-million-dollar urban revitalization effort. With content frequently and ably maintained by the client, users get a unique insight into the wonderful people, cultural institutions, and housing developments in this fast-moving initiative. Custom Google Maps integration offers geographic data about specific area locations. A monthly email newsletter delivers timely updates about events and news. The site syndicates property information from Home Headquarters, a local nonprofit agency, offering viewers detailed information on homes in the Near Westside drawn seamlessly from the website.

In the most-recent redesign, launched by us in early 2012, we made use of the Twilio API to offer users sms-text-to-web functionality, allowing members of the community to text feedback from their phone directly to the website.