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We very much enjoyed the chance to work with ARISE, a consumer-controlled, non-profit Independent Living Center (ILC) that promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities in three Central New York counties, on their new website in 2013. With a design produced by ARISE’s marketing department, we crafted a WordPress site with significant support for assistive technologies.

Aspects such as “skip to content” links, alternate text for images, and suitable color-contrast choices ensure that the site will be useful for visitors who employ screen readers, text-only browsers, screen magnification, or other accessible technologies. We employed a responsive framework in the development of the site, offering a great viewing experience for visitors regardless of whether they use a desktop PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, or other device.

WordPress content management tools, custom widgets, and integration of social media and video properties mean that ARISE content authors can maintain the site without our help, quickly and easily sharing info about the wealth of services and events they offer the greater community.