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I’m excited to have had my speaking proposal accepted by, and look forward to attending sessions at, Wordcamp Toronto 2013. I’ll be speaking on Saturday, October 5, 2013, on the following topic:

WordPress as API

Twitter, Google, and other sites offer access to their content via an API, often via JSON. This presentation will explore how one might set up a similar API for a WordPress site: expose posts and other content with JSON, and offer client sites access via both embeddable code and through a more complex, authenticated API.

Visitors to my WordPress site might see an “Embed This Content” form on which they could set some options (number of posts, border and link color, width and height) then receive copy-and-paste code to embed a feed of my content on their (perhaps non-Wordpress) site.

Developers might sign up to receive an API key from my WordPress site, after which they could leverage my site’s API to consume content (my posts, say) in whatever technology they choose – allowing for interesting, easier, and more complex mashups and interactions between and among my site and others.


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