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Increasingly, it seems, our web development and design work focuses on mobile: we’ve been retrofitting older sites to present more appropriately on smartphones and tablets, and no new project has no mobile component. With tools such as the Foundation responsive framework and the JavaScript UI framework jQuery Mobile in our arsenal, presenting our clients’ public- (and, sometimes, private-) facing content for iPhone, Android, and other devices is easier and easier.

Recently, we used jQuery Mobile to update the King + King website to offer smartphone visitors a phone-friendly view of the work of this nationally-known architecture firm. Where desktop users see a two-across, horizontally-scrolling presentation of content, phone users get a more vertically oriented view of the same content, with the ability to swipe left and right to navigate content.

A new site we built for C&S Companies – an engineering, architecture, and construction firm with offices throughout the United States – employs the Foundation framework and custom CSS media queries to offer a responsive view of content appropriate for phones, tablets, and desktops.

Over the past half year, Brian Hoke has authored several mobile/responsive courses for technical training firm Webucator. Designing Mobile Websites offers students an overview of various responsive techniques to build new (or update existing) websites for phones and desktops. An upcoming course on jQuery Mobile gives students in-depth training on how to use this JavaScript framework to build mobile-optimized websites with touch events and other phone-specific features.

As more and more users access web content from phones, mobile design and development will continue to be an increasingly larger part of our work. Please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

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