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Brian Hoke, Principal of Bentley Hoke, is authoring a new CSS3 training course for our partner Webucator; the course is scheduled to be released in about a month. Titled CSS 3 for Web Designers and Developers, the course is aimed at folks already familiar with Cascading Stylesheets who want to become more familiar with the new features and properties offered by this most-recent version of CSS.

Students will:

  • Learn new selectors, pseudo class, and pseudo elements to style elements.
  • Learn font and text effects, including @font-face.
  • Learn new gradient, mask, and background image techniques.
  • Learn how to implement animations, transitions, and 2D and 3D transforms.
  • Learn how to use media queries to render content appropriately for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Learn about vendor-specific prefixes and browser support for various CSS3 techniques.

Brian Hoke is the author of several other courses for Webucator, including courses on jQuery Mobile and responsive design.

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