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We recently launched two significant WordPress web projects. For the Syracuse Hancock International Airport we developed a custom WordPress theme, working with a design from the fine marketing folks at The C&S Companies. A primary focus of the site is the presentation of flight information: custom jQuery code reads real-time XML feed from the airport’s arrivals and departures, offering site visitors useful info on flight status. The site is fully responsive, presenting a tablet- and smartphone-appropriate view for those visiting the site from an iPad, Android, iPhone, or similar device.

In August we launched a new site for ARISE, a nonprofit Independent Living Center that promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities in Onondaga, Madison, and Oswego counties in Upstate New York. From a design supplied by ARISE’s staff, we developed a custom WordPress theme with careful attention to accessibility, ensuring that users who employ screen readers, magnification, and other assistive technologies could access all content. The ARISE site is also fully responsive, presenting content differently when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

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