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Our website was in need of much more than a facelift.  We needed to build a brand new website that would offer the look we wanted, have the greatest possible accessibility, and look good on a variety of platforms.  We had large goals and a relatively small budget.  Fortunately, when we asked Bentley Hoke to submit a bid in response to our RFP, we found the perfect firm for our project.  Not only did Bentley Hoke submit the bid that most suited our needs, they also submitted a bid that worked within our budget and our timeframe.  We could not have been happier with Brian Hoke’s work.  He was a good listener, extremely responsive, and communicated with us every step of the way.  We were delighted when Brian suggested that we meet on a regular and frequent schedule.  Accessibility was a high priority for us, and Brian’s extensive knowledge was vital to our success.  Our website has to be accessible to people with disabilities (as any site should be), and we also wanted people to be able to access the site using different devices.  Brian built our site so that no matter how it is viewed or accessed, it works well.  I am pleased to express our appreciation to Bentley Hoke for their outstanding work.  We could not have been happier with the results of their work and the entire experience was an absolute pleasure.

Nancy Kern Kronen
Director of Development & Public Relations